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Gym for fun 5yr+

Gym for Fun is a recreation based gymnastic program that has been created specifically for school aged children. Fitness for Fun has created and maintained its own level system that reflects the gymnasts progression throughout the term and year. Outlining the core skills of gymnastics, forward and backward rolls, handstands, cartwheels and front saults, the Gym for Fun program is sure to keep the children on (or off) their feet.

The children complete their levels by learning and mastering a number of techniques and skills the coaches display throughout the term. Using both men's and women's apparatus combined, the children will learn routines each week that are then assessed twice a year allowing them to progress through the levels within a system that is used across the entire company. Children will be awarded certificates with their accomplishments at the end of testing periods.

Grouping the children in to their correct levels is our priority, which ensures the children and the coaches are working to the best of their ability. All new students will be placed in to a trial class when they first arrive at Fitness for Fun to be assessed and grouped accordingly. As well as level of skill, we do like to keep friendships in mind when trialing the children out for purple stars. All special requests are taken in to consideration and will be incorporated when booking the children in for the term. 

Purple Stars levels 1-4

  • Suitable for beginner level gymnastics ages 5-10 
  • Progression through the levels indicates the children are learning and mastering each skill in the specific levels
  • Level 4 marks the highest and last level of Purple Stars

Silver Stars levels 1-3

  • Suitable for intermediate level gymnasts 8+
  • Completion of Purple Stars allows students to progress to Silver Stars younger than 8 years of age
  • Level 3 marks the highest and last level of Silver Stars

Gold Stars levels 1-3

  • Suitable for advanced level gymnasts level gymnasts 8+
  • Completion of Silver Stars allows students to progress to Gold Stars 
  • Level 3 marks the highest and last level of Gold Stars

Apparatus used and skills learnt include:

  • Forwards and backwards rolls
  • Safety landings
  • Handstands, cartwheels, walkovers and handsprings
  • Straight jump
  • Cast and guide
  • Beam
  • Front sault
  • Trampoline
  • Bars and rings

Testing and display weeks:

Our coaches will test students in terms 2 and 4 to asses their progressions and evaluate if they are ready to move on to the next level. Testing runs during the final four weeks of term. During these weeks, the students are given time to during their classes to show their coaches they have learnt the skills that are required for their particular level. Display week is run in the second last week of terms 2 and 4, where the parents are invited to watch their children.  Display week is essentially a regular class, where the parents are able to watch their children in action. At the end of their display class, the children will be given a star sheet containing information on their skills and level assessment. The last week of every term will end with Fun Week. Fun Week is a week where the children enjoy recreational games and activities. 

Passing a level:

Purple Stars levels generally take two terms to complete, while Silver and Gold Stars levels take a minimum of one year to complete. The 70% pass rate ensures the children are reaching their full potential in their current levels before taking on a higher level. If the student is not successful in reaching a minimum of 70%, they will repeat the level the following Semester. This predominately happens to gymnasts that have joined midterm.  

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Fun Fact

  • Take off two points less than the child's age & this is how many instructions they can follow i.e 3-2=1
  • According to NASA, (and they know their stuff!), rebound exercise such as trampolining is ‘the most efficient, effective form of exercise yet devised by man’ -
  • The word gymnastics derives from the Greek word 'gymnazein' translated means to "exercise naked".
  • Did you know that crawling provides neurological information and pathways that the brain requires for efficient learning, absorption, retention and expression of knowledge?
  • Trampolining is a low impact sport and is a great form of exercise. It keeps you active, without having to work too hard.
  • The brain takes up 2[%] of our body weight, though consumes 20[%] of our daily energy!
  • Friedrich Ludwig Jahn of Germany is generally considered the father of gymnastics as he invented several pieces of apparatus, including the parallel bars and the balance beam, which are used today.
  • The brain loves stories, as they have an emotional component and a start, middle and ending. These all attract parts of the brain, which then stimulate learning.
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