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343 Reserve Road, Cheltenham 3191 (See Bayside under 'locations' for further information)

Direct phone line- 9077 5104

East Hawthorn - Now called Hawthorn Gymnastics Centre

East Hawthorn is located inside Bialik College Gringlas Sports Centre: 407 Tooronga Rd, East Hawthorn 3123.

Direct phone line- 9937 1342

Prahran - Now called Movement For Life Windsor 

74 Punt Road, Windsor 3181

Direct phone line- 9937 1343




Fun Fact

  • Take off two points less than the child's age & this is how many instructions they can follow i.e 3-2=1
  • According to NASA, (and they know their stuff!), rebound exercise such as trampolining is ‘the most efficient, effective form of exercise yet devised by man’ -
  • The word gymnastics derives from the Greek word 'gymnazein' translated means to "exercise naked".
  • Did you know that crawling provides neurological information and pathways that the brain requires for efficient learning, absorption, retention and expression of knowledge?
  • Trampolining is a low impact sport and is a great form of exercise. It keeps you active, without having to work too hard.
  • The brain takes up 2[%] of our body weight, though consumes 20[%] of our daily energy!
  • Friedrich Ludwig Jahn of Germany is generally considered the father of gymnastics as he invented several pieces of apparatus, including the parallel bars and the balance beam, which are used today.
  • The brain loves stories, as they have an emotional component and a start, middle and ending. These all attract parts of the brain, which then stimulate learning.
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call: (03) 9077 5104
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